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The chosen People that get paid on the 21st of every month

There are a special set of people who get paid on the 21st of every month. They are special because they know what you don’t know, it is one thing to be a blogger but an entirely different thing to be a blogger that gets paid.


If your website is not making at least $1000 every month (yes i said $1000) then you are not blogging or using your website right, we recently published an article on What makes a Good website layout?


That is a starting point to begin your journey to the big time, your website needs to have a world class design first before you can start making good money from it, a half baked layout will not be appealing to advertisers or event client talk less of visitors so go read that article and get your website layout right.


Content is king, there is no exaggeration about it. What you put on your site determines if your site is interesting enough to visit.


Do not forget to have a great social media presence to share you contents to help bring the desired traffic.


Everything is mobile, so if your site is not mobile friendly, then you are wasting time blogging to desktop visitors only.


You ever hear someone say bloggers earn more than politicians?, Well they might not be wrong, If a blogger wants, he/she can be paid more than a politician, its all in the technique


So back to our topic, who are the select few that get paid on the 21st, simply put, the guys that have been chosen by Google, if you have google adsense then chances are that you are getting paid every 21st.

But what does it require to join the select few, simple

    • good website
    • great content
    • approval from google
    • people click on the ads
    • you get paid


So review you site and start making good money, it seems simple but that’s just what you need to crack the figure mentioned above. Go get it.

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