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About Us

This is Our Story

Who  We Are

Byteloops is a tech solutions Company established in July 2011. We began as a networking company setting up and managing local home and office networks for small and medium scale businesses before evolving to a web development organization in 2014.


We are a team of top level designers and developers, that will help you grow your business using the internet which cannot be ignored in  the world of today.


We are more concerned with client satisfaction when we handle the your project, we make sure to deliver a product that meets word class standard, you can see our Client Page for verification


We encourage you to trust us to help you achieve your business ideas as you contact us. Thank you and welcome to Byteloops 



Nsikak OwO
Lead Developer

Our Mission

We are skilled technologists that apply our passion for technology to create successful products and solutions for our clients. Our passion drives us to be innovative, creative, and experts. Our love of technology keeps us learning, motivated, and excited about what we do



Our Vision

Our vision is to become a respected technology solutions consulting company based on a strong team of passionate and expert technologists, and evidenced by a very large portfolio of successful projects and clients across the world.We envision a company led by smart, self-motivated, multi-national people doing what they enjoy.


Our Skills & Expertise

The best software solutions are built by great people using proven design and coding practices to help your business achieve its goals. At byteloops we specialize in solving technically difficult projects but also excel at the other challenges associated with custom software development.

One of the skills that sets us apart from other development firms is our ability to fulfill our client’s business needs. Though not a technically challenging task, per se, our ability to connect with clients at a high level allows us to consider their business needs when prioritizing and making critical project decisions.

Often, once we’ve worked with a client and met their most urgent and immediate needs, we continue to work with them, offering an ideal solution to their need for long-term, ongoing, evolving support and development.

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